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A Dogs Benefits to a Family

We all know that reducing stress in your life by using techniques such as yoga and meditation can have major health benefits. They’re great. But did you know that just having a dog can have similar stress-relieving health benefits?

  • Numerous studies, including  federally financed ones at the National Institute of Health,  show that dogs can provide excellent social support and stress relief even more than people.
  • If you’re really a dog-lover it’s just about impossible to stay in a bad mood when your furry friend comes over and rests his head on your knee and looks at you with those loving eyes.

Some studies show that just having a dog can actually control blood pressure better than drugs. Sure the drugs can control the pressure but they’re not that effective controlling  spikes caused by stress and tension.

According to Drs. Foster & Smith the physical benefits of dog companionship are:

  • Increase longevity after heart attacks
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Increase physical activity and functioning
  • Reduce medical appointments  and minor health problems
  • Predict seizures
  • Alert to hypoglycemia

Okay. So now you know what a dog can do for you. Now comes the harder part of deciding what to do when you go on vacation.  Boarding a dog at a kennel can have a lot of negative effects on a dog.   That is where the dog care exchange comes in.  By leaving your pet with a trusted neighbor and dog lover has many benefits to both you and your dog.

Benefits to the Pet

Reduced stress

Introducing your pet to a Dog Care Exchange member creates a trusting relationship between them and puts your dog at ease because he will be around people he knows. This is a big advantage over a kennel where the dog will be surrounded by other dogs he/she has never met before. Also, being locked up in a cage isn’t something any dog would like to be put through. Just one more reason to choose the Kennel Alternative: Dog Care Exchange.

Tailored Care

A Dog Care Exchange member can work around your pet’s daily routine to keep playtimes, sleep and feeding times consistent…. which can help prevent digestive issues. Keeping to a dog’s normal routine has both health and psychological benefits which can balance your pet’s energy and activity to calmer levels….something you’ll notice when you return home.

Less Exposure to Illness

Unlike kennels Dog Care Exchange members don’t come with hundreds of other dogs and animals which might be carrying diseases, parasites or being over aggressive, which they could unleash on your unsuspecting pet. Keeping your dog in similar home surroundings will go a long way in preventing exposure to other kennel-borne diseases.

Personalized Attention

Many of our dogs are attention seekers and playful companions. Individuals that have already met you dog will be able to know what your pet likes and dislikes. They can give them more specialized attention than a metal cage. The care that a Dog Care Exchange member can provide fulfills that need for undivided attention and personalized care much better than a kennel worker who must tend to several anxious creatures in the same space.

If you are interested in becoming a full dog care exchange member please join today and start finding the many benefits our program offers.

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Jessie Hyman —

Do not forget that if a child has been growing up in a family with dog (s) he(she) will assume more responsibilty in his(her) adult life.

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jake —

Good thought..

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